Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tracking the bebe bump

I absolutely LOVE this idea. One day, years from now, when I'm preggo, I want my hubby to take pictures of me every week and write a note to our unborn child. That's what photographer Ryan Michaels did in his blog, Pacing the Panic Room. He documented each week of his wife's 2nd pregnancy with weekly photoshoots. Here are a couple of my favorites:

American Apparel even pitched in to supply the lovely bump-friendly clothing.

Making Water Even Healthier

So, with all the scare over plastic bottles leaching cancer-causing-chemicals into our drinking water, I've been on the alert for safer options. I've heard talk of stainless steel vessels and how they're safe for the environment and for bodies. However, the price tag was never pretty. I was thrilled when I found this little number at Old Navy for a mere 5 bucks! And that on top of half of clearence... it was a good day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Modern Flapper

I'm pretty much obsessed with the 1920s. More than that, I wanttobe a flapper...or at least look like one.
The twenties were a revolutionary time in many ways, but particularly in fashion. Such modesties as covering one's ears and knees were disreguarded by the party-focused generation. Stockings where rolled down, corsetts where thrown out for loose, low waists, and hem-lines became shorter. Not to mention, hair was bobbed and decorated with glistening fascinators.
Fortunately, several current designs have been inspired by this iconic generation. Here's a modern take on the flapper look... just throw in a pair of tights!
The fascinator and shoes are from Urban Outfitters, and the dress is from ModCloth

Spring Bee

Lately I'm all about short hair. Not just for the look itself, but for the myriad of accessories available that I feel looks best in shorter locks. Urban Outfitters has a huge stock of absolutely adorable fascinators, clips, and headbands, but they aren't the only ones capitalizing on this trend. Small web boutique Emerging Thoughts has this kitschy little Spring Bee headband on sale. Plus, the model in the picture sports a pretty decent option for us curly-haired people who want to go short.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Domestic Goddess

So, a couple of weeks ago I was visiting my old roommate in Memphis. Magically, several of our friends were in town for the weekend, so we all met up and hung out. Plans fell through so we ended up at the home of three friends who had graduated or transferred and had a place in the city. It was a pretty adorable little home. They had repainted the kitchen, from a bright yellow (though they kept the cabinet door knobs yellow) to a great retro turquoise color. However, what impressed me most was that one of the girls who used to be pretty flighty, was an amazing hostess. When everyone arrived at her place she already had a batch of delicious Ghirardelli brownies in the oven, and looked adorable in her bare feet and an apron. The next morning, she spur of the moment whipped up a fantastic lunch for 13. It was impressive. I found my self asking for recipes and almost gasping as the words came out of my mouth. Apparently, I have hit that age... that age where I long for a place of my own and for people to entertain. That's why I've made this, my senior year of college to be a year to fulfil my goal of becoming a Domestic Goddess. Let's start with looking the part, since that's how we start most any job these days.

Here are a few great starts that every Domestic Goddesses should possess:

This apron is from Anthropologie. They have SUCH amazing homewares, but this (and similar aprons) are adorable. It conjures up images of being barefoot and stylish, cooking a blow-ya-outta-the-water gourmet meal, and making all my guyfriends mark me in their books as a catch.

Though you really couldn't go wrong with ANY of of the wonderful dresses from ModCloth this would make perfect hostess dress and could only be complimented by a lovely apron.

Now, if we're going old-school, every good hostess needs a great pair of retro pumps. Since you're cooking, I'd recomend having them set to the side, letting your guests know you're put together enough to wear them, but that you're comfortable and at home enough to have 'em kicked off. Target has this little sexy-housewife number.